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Btree Metalized Moisture Barrier Bag, VMPET/VMPET/PE, opaque

Name:   Btree Metalized Moisture Barrier Bag, VMPET/VMPET/PE, opaque

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Specifications / Features
Aluminized Moisture Barrier Bag, Film
Dri-Shield Moisture Barrier Bag, Film
Metalized Moisture Barrier Bag, Film
Material structure 1:
static dissipative coating/VMPET/VMPET/PE/static dissipative coating
Material structure 2:
static dissipative coating/VMPET/PE/static dissipative coating
Material structure 3: 
static dissipative coating/VMPET/Nylon/PE/static dissipative coating
- Moisture Barrier Bag & film is designed for dry packaging of electronic devices.
- These bags & films protect PCB and SMD from moisture and static damage.
- The bags are an opaque silver color with a print to identify
- They are moisture and static safe for storage of sensitive items.
- Folding, stapling or puncturing the static shielding bags eliminates all of the bags anti-static properties.
- Materials are available for rolls, bags, sheets or tubing.
- Other material structures is also provided as per customers specification.
- Date and lot coded for traceability
Our barrier bag & film protect from:
- Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
- Moisture
- Oxygen and Air
- Ultraviolet Rays
- Dust
- Rust
- Corrosion
- Grease
- Pests
Surface resistance <1011Ω ESD STM 11.11
Static Shielding <15nJ ESD STM 11.31
Static Decay <0.03s EIA 541
MVTR <0.006g/100 sq inch/24h  
Puncture Strength 10.0lbs MIL PRF 81705D