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Why do we need to do ESD protection?

 Electronic components are subject to varying degrees of electrostatic damage depending on their type, and the lowest static voltage of 100V can also cause damage to them.

In recent years, with the development of electronic components towards integration, the corresponding electrostatic voltage is also constantly decreasing.

The electrostatic voltage induced by the human body is usually above 2-4KV, which is caused by slight movements of the human body or friction with insulation materials.

That is to say, if the electrostatic potential we carry in our daily life comes into contact with ICs, almost all ICs will be damaged, and this danger exists in any work environment without taking electrostatic protection measures.

The damage of static electricity to ICs is not only reflected in the manufacturing process of electronic components, but also in the assembly, long-distance transmission and other processes of ICs. Therefore, electrostatic protection in the electronic industry is of great practical significance in reducing electrostatic accidents and improving product yield.