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Pink Bubble Mailer

Name:   Pink Bubble Mailer

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Specifications / Features
Material Structure: VMPET/PE + PE bubble film

1. Made of aluminized PET with bubble linings.
2. Superior cushioning and surface protection.
3. Self-adhesive tape available.
4. Multi-colors/dimensions available.
5. Multi-functions for mailing and packaging
6. Clean and easy to use.
7. Can be reused.
8. resistance of water, moisture, tear and shock.  
9.Resistance of three types heat flow: conduction, convection and radiation.
10.Preventing inside items from damaging due to collision, attrition or static.
Packaging and transportation of high-value products, such as antiques, ceramics, jewelry, circuit boards, electrical appliances, CD, gifts, etc, moisture-proof and shockproof

Item Unit Test standard Test result
Density (VMPET)/( LDPE) g/cm   1.40 / 0.92
Tensile strength: TD VMPET/ LDPE Mpa GB/96-04-10 200 / 50
Tensile strength: MD VMPET/ LDPE Mpa GB/96-04-10 230 / 25
Elongation rate: TD VMPET/ LDPE % GB/96-04-10 100 / 380
Elongation rate: MD VMPET/ LDPE % GB/96-04-10 95 / 650
Tearing strength VMPET N/25UM GB/T-11999 140
Tearing strength LDPE N/25UM GB/T-11999 1000 / 90
Dynamic friction coefficient: VMPET/ LDPE          GB/96-04-10 0.5 / 0.25
Moisture transmissionVMPET RH (G/m²,24H)40°C90%RH) 46
Moisture transmissionLDPE RH (G/m²,24H)40°C90%RH) 10
Oxygen Transmission VMPET N/Cm² N/Cm²24/1.0MPG120C90% 120
Oxygen Transmission LDPE N/Cm² N/Cm²4/1.0MPG120C90% 4000
Heat sel temperature F 170±10 250-375
Heat seal time Sec. 0.3-0.5 0.5-3.5
Heat seal pressure P.S.I 40-60 30-70
Size mm GB/96-04-10 Flap±5mm                  Length±5mm                   Width ±3mm  
Appearance   GB/96-04-10 No Delamination, Burst seal, wrinkle, wrap, break, foreign partical adherence, air bubble beyond sealling φ≤3mmΦ